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New Adult


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Slow Burn


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Friends to 


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Deadly Competition

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Book 1

New Adult - Fantasy - Steamy Romance

Scarlet Seraphine should never have been born. Living in the House of Raven – the home of a race with magic and vampire blood – she is an outcast and wants nothing more than to escape her life of confinement.

But everything changes with the announcement of the Hex Trials – a deadly competition in which Ravens lose their lives at every turn. Scarlet is forced to abandon her plans to leave for a chance to claim one of the trials’ most valuable prizes, the only medicine that can save her sister’s life.

With time running out and her sister’s fate hanging in the balance, Scarlet has no choice but to compete. Death follows closely in every trial, and with a target on her back, Scarlet must decide whether fighting for her sister’s life is worth losing her own.


🥀 Mature sexual scenes

🥀 Abuse

🥀 Violence

🥀 Death

🥀 Blood

🥀 Paralysis 

🥀 Swearing / Cursing

🥀 Murder

🥀 Torture

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