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Setting & Steamy Romance

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'It's always been you'

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Fake Dating

Set 10 years

after The Sapphire Crown

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Friends to Lovers


New Adult - Fantasy Setting - Steamy Romance

As a child, Ellis Irvine was kidnapped from his bedroom and taken to a camp of unforgettable horrors. Ten years later, the prince of Tealwaters is no longer a boy but a man with a dark and traumatic past. When fate brings him face to face with Violet Danes, the very girl who once kept his hope alive, he can’t seem to stay away.


Violet Danes has many scars, having been the victim of experiments involving dark and dangerous magic. But one scar remains—the heartbreak from losing her childhood best friend. So, when Violet encounters Ellis after a decade apart, she is cautious yet curious as to why he needs her help. In exchange, he promises to help her mother’s bakery succeed once again, yet as their lives become increasingly entwined, Violet fears the hope she begins to feel is one she has experienced before.


Together, they must decide whether revealing their deepest and darkest parts of themselves is worth the risk or if they should bury their feelings for one another forever.


🌙 Mature sexual scenes

🌙 Kidnapping & abduction

🌙 Violence

🌙 Death

🌙 Blood / Gore

🌙 Manipulation

🌙 Child Abuse

🌙 Experimentation

🌙 Captivity & Confinement

🌙 Blackmail

🌙 Swearing / Cursing

🌙 Childhood Trauma

🌙 Murder

🌙 Torture

🌙 Mention of Suicide

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