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New Adult


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A mission to

save the kingdom

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Fae, Sirens,

Demons & Angels

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Book 2

New Adult - Fantasy - Romance - Spice

Scarlet Seraphine is lucky to have escaped the House of Raven alive. 


Stepping foot in the kingdom of Tealwaters with Jack close by her side, Scarlet embraces the new responsibility that has been thrust upon them and makes great efforts to befriend the new members of the Hex. But everything changes when a mysterious stranger steps into her life.

Alex Irvine wants Scarlet’s help. With his little brother missing and no explanation to his disappearance, Alex wants answers. Together they must unravel this mystery and travel down a path more sinister than envisioned.


Embarking on a journey navigating a new kingdom, dangerous foes and secrets yet uncovered, Scarlet must decide who to trust in this new world and what it truly means to bring those of evil to justice.


👑 Mature sexual scenes

👑 Kidnapping

👑 Violence

👑 Death

👑 Blood / Gore

👑 Manipulation 

👑 Swearing / Cursing

👑 Murder

👑 Torture

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